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Sysware First joins the Business Incubation Program

Sysware First is now one of the newest members of the Incubation Program sponsored by the Hong Kong Science, a statutory body of the Hong Kong Government. "HKSTP was established to facilitate Hong Kong to become a major center of innovation and technology, and a hub for high value-added, skill-intensive production and related services facilities in Asia. The Corporation fosters partnership and collaboration across industries and borders", CEO of HKSTP. The Incubation Program assists technology start-ups and encourages and promotes innovation-based entrepreneurial activities in Hong Kong.

Sysware First is proud to be member of this prestigious and highly competitive program that only selects the most innovative companies with outstanding and viable business ideas supported by a high-quality management team.


[July 24, 2019]
Sysware First joins the Business Incubation Program at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

[May 22, 2017]
Sysware First presents BAM business at EDB's Venture Capital Conference

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